Marble Arch Mound

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London’s newest outdoor attraction.

Climb the Marble Arch Mound for free until 9 January 2022, so don’t miss out! Tickets are available on the door.

About the Marble Arch Mound

In these unprecedented times, delivering a new and meaningful experience that captures the imagination of residents, businesses and visitors has never been more important.

Commissioned by Westminster City Council, the Marble Arch Mound is a temporary installation, that brings a renewed excitement about the area and manifests the council’s vision of a Greener, Smarter, Future, Together.

The Marble Arch Mound takes inspiration from the history and diversity of the area, whilst offering a new perspective of the future. Creating an experience of the ‘great outdoors’ right at the centre of the city.

Marble Arch Mound
Marble Arch Mound
Opera Gallery Marble Arch
Opera Gallery Marble Arch
Marble Arch Mound
Opera Gallery Marble Arch
Opera Gallery Marble Arch

The experience

Visitors will climb to the 22.5-metre peak via a path that winds its way up to the summit. When reaching the top, a viewing deck will offer views never seen before by the wider public. On their way down, visitors will descend into the heart of the Mound, where visitors can experience Lightfield- a one-off light exhibition by W1 Curates. The exit leads visitors to Marble Arch and the adjacent public space leading to Oxford Street and Hyde Park. The Marble Arch Mound will be open to visitors until 9 January 2022. Don’t miss out, tickets are available on the door or can be booked in advance.

Lightfield at the Mound

The Marble Arch Mound will feature a one-off light exhibition by W1 Curates.

This unique collaboration between Westminster City Council and W1 Curates will offer the opportunity to enjoy a special art exhibition called Lightfield, led by British/American artist, Anthony James.

Purple light cubes in a dark room
Image: W1 Curates

Lightfield consists of cubes, connected via ethernet cables, which will simulate the interconnected root structure of a birch tree forest.

The cubes all communicate with one another creating a large canvas for light to dance around, which will allow the light to follow visitors as they walk through Lightfield.


For more information about visiting, tickets and the experience you can view our frequently asked questions.


Find us

The Marble Arch Mound is located next to Marble Arch, on the western end of Oxford Street.

You will not miss the 22.5-metre-high mound when you arrive.

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Map showing Marble Arch Mound

Opening Times

The Marble Arch Mound is only around until 9 January 2022. Why not pay us a visit, opening times are as follows

26 July to 31 August
Monday to Friday
Weekends and Bank Holidays
11am to 8pm
10am to 9pm
1 September to 24 October
Monday to Friday
11am to 7pm
9am to 8pm
25 October to 31 December
(Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
Monday to Friday
10am to 8pm
1 January to 9 January 2022
Monday to Sunday10am to 10pm
See a time lapse of the Marble Arch Mound being built

Getting to the Marble Arch Mound

Outdoor Marble Arch station sign and trees
Image: Publica


The closest stations are Marble Arch or Bond Street, the mound is also a 15-minute walk away from Hyde Park Corner Station and Edgware Road tube station

Double decker bus on Oxford Street, with trees and banners above the street
Image: Publica


The following buses travel to Marble Arch: 2, 6, 7, 13, 16, 23, 36, 74, 94, 98, 137, 148, 189, 274, 390, 414,

A person riding a bicycle on Oxford Street
Image: Publica


If you are planning on cycling to the Mound you can plan your journey on the Transport for London website.
Find nearby cycle parking locations on the Westminster City Council website.

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The Marble Arch Mound is a part of a wider programme of innovation and change we are bringing to the Oxford Street District. Learn more about other plans for the area on the Oxford Street District website.

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